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About the founder
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Noxolo Fani grew up in a small town and experienced the consequences of not having the right career guidance at the right time as a young girl.


From taking a year course in Small Business Management and Entrepreneurship in high school, then changing to Multimedia in university only for life to channel her right back to entrepreneurship which is where she thrives. 

She absolutely loves engaging with women and young people and  has been invited to talk at many youth and women events.


Noxolo lives to inspire, encourage, inform and build others especially women and youth. She has helped secure scholarships, internships and get placements in companies for many young people she mentors and she does this because nothing gives her greater joy than seeing young people thrive and so began, the amazing journey of Platform Excel.

Grade 8

Introduction to getting to know yourself better and finding the best fit for you through personalised assessments and online tools that will enable you to understand the key things to keep in mind when considering career options.

Grade 9

Ensuring you understand what subject combinations are, so that in grade 10 you choose subjects that will allow you access to institutions that best fit your strengths and preferred career interest. Helping you put together goals towards achieving your dreams and aspirations.

Grade 10

Ensuring you are coping with your chosen subject combinations and offering support in times of pressure. We continue to guide you and make the career guidance process fun and light even during the tough times. Providing you the flexibility and  opportunities to change your mind and check other options.

Grade 11 and 12

Continued support and information that better prepares you for the world of work, skills or/and post high school studies. We help ensure your yearly progress is monitored and support offered when you it most with exam calendars, study plans and past papers. We also have wonderful tools to help you reach out to other learners who are excelling in the subjects you struggle with.

Who do we guide?

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What do studies tell us? What does the current education and economic situation tell us?

"One study shows that the adoption of personalised learning methods including designing individual learning journeys, progression based on skills mastery, and flexible learning environments had significant positive effects on student math and reading performance over the course of two years."

World economic forum - Schools of the future report, January 2020